Celitement GmbH speaks of so-called “innovators” for cooperative work. How does one become an innovator and how many of them are there?

We use the term innovator to describe cooperation partners who either test Celitements in their respective fields of application or who can contribute important mechanical, plant or analytical technology. Most of the innovators work with us within the framework of non-disclosure agreements. Either the innovators come to us in search of sample material or we have specifically approached potential innovators who we believe can, with their knowledge, advance the development to market readiness. This cooperation must be based on trust and a certain mutual openness to be successful. We need to be informed about material and mix formulation problems so that we can offer approaches for solving them. For this reason we also disclose details about the material so that the innovators do not have to work out all the basic principles themselves.

How can I obtain samples of Celitement to investigate or test them as part of university research projects?

We also make test material available for non-commercial application trials. Simply apply to the contacts given in the homepage. We check every enquiry and respond as quickly as possible.

Is it now possible to buy small quantities of Celitement for measurements or tests?

No, we do not sell Celitements. However, we do release sample material for laboratory trials. The quantities released can be roughly divided into four size classes: very small (<5 kg), small (5-20 kg), medium (20-250 kg) and occasionally also large (250-1,000 kg). If interested please apply to the contacts given on the homepage.

Is it possible to obtain Celitement samples or test material and if so, in what quantities?

We are releasing sample material to selected innovators. In the great majority of cases under a non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Because the production capacity of the pilot plant is currently still limited we usually release quantities between 50-250 kg and also, but only in special cases, in the 800-1,000 kg range.

What is the maximum quantity of sample or test material that Celitement GmbH is currently making available for trials?

A few kilograms should normally be sufficient for an initial test with Celitement. The usual quantities issued for initial laboratory trials for innovators lie in the range between 10 and 30 kg. If the first trials are promising we would be happy to make larger product samples available. However, we ask you to understand that the total amount of sample material that we have is limited.

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