Applications for Celitement

Celitement can be stored, transported and applicated almost like traditional cements. Compared to traditional cements, it not only shows lower CO2 emissions, but also offers additional technical advantages, so-called “added values”, such as high brightness values, a greatly reduced lime efflorescence, a very low heat of hydration combined with a high early strength and a very high sulfate- and ASR-resistance. Its strength development is comparable to a cement of strength class 42.5 R.

The formal requirements for a broad application of Celitement are largely met. A European REACH registration was completed in 2018 and a general building approval (abZ) is currently in progress. Our aim is to meet the requirements for a classification of Celitement-based concretes in the strength class “42.5 R and higher” as well as in all exposure classes according to DIN EN 206-1 in conjunction with the national standard DIN 1045-2. Extensive preliminary tests in our own R&D laboratory as well as at renowned institutes and testing laboratories make us confident that we will achieve this ambitious goal, including the exposure class XC4.

In order to develop first Celitement based products, the Celitement GmbH & Co. KG cooperates with around 40 companies and 20 research institutions (innovators), which are mainly placed in Germany, but also in Norway, Finland, Denmark, Austria and Spain. Some formulations, particularly in the dry mortar sector, have already been finalized, successfully produced in an application scale and were used under practical conditions on construction sites. This means that Celitement will be ready for the market immediately after the erection of a first industrial production plant.

Application fields

Ready Mix- and Mass- Concrete
Dry Mortars for Home and Garden
Soil Binder and Ground Filler
3D-Printing and Shotcrete
Sand Lime Bricks and Autoclaved Aerated Concrete
Concrete Goods and Precast Elements

You would like to develop a product with Celitement by yourself? We highly welcome new projects. The amount of sample material that can be supplied, however, depends on the availability as we have a very high demand already. Please note that Celitement is not yet produced on an industrial scale and therefore larger quantities of several hundred kilograms or in the lower ton range can only be provided in exceptional cases. To support you during the product development, we offer an extensive technical advice, also on-site if necessary. Feel free to contact us!

Your contact person

Dr. Hendrik Möller
Managing Director

Dr. Andreas Hamm
Managing Director