Building materials Innovation and climate protection Celitement is …

...a new hydraulic binder and its patented production process and the associated development company

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Production process

Learn how cement and Celitement are produced. In addition, our experts will tell you everything you need to know about the differences in the two binders, especially with regard to the carbon dioxide balance.


further information


There is a series of popular scientific articles and also literature about Celitement, which describes the binder in more detail.


Samples for innovators

As an innovator, you will be happy to receive samples from us. You can find out more about this on the next page.

Samples for innovators

How did you find us?

The construction sector is linked in many ways to the problem of the global increase in CO2 emissions. In addition to the emissions that arise during the manufacture of building materials and the of structures (“grey CO2”, “grey energy”), emissions released over the life of the building object must be taken into account.

If you want to find out more about these topics, the majority of us will use Internet search engines such as Google and enter the appropriate search terms.

In this context, most of the search queries apparently relate to the materials area and in particular to the construction materials cement and concrete.

A compilation of the hits for typical search queries on Google for corresponding terms in connection with these two building materials results in the following statistics (as of 11/11/2021):

Query German Number Query English Number
Grüner Zement 3.470 green cement 241.000
Grüne Zement Technologie 240.000 green cement technology 16.200
Grüner Beton 2.300 green concrete 905.000
Alternative Zemente 149 alternative cements 13.200
Zementalternativen 121 alternatives to cement 344.000
Neuartige Zemente 267 novel cements 7.250
Niedrig CO2 Zement 120.000 low Co2 cements 7.310
Ökologischer Zement 169 ecological cements 771
Klimaneutraler Zement 569 climate neutral cements 9.800.000
Klimafreundliche Zemente 103 climate neutral concrete 3.040
Ökobeton 3.840 Eco Concrete 53.200
Alternative Zementherstellung 3 alternative cement production 5.910
CO2-arme Zemente 247 low-CO2 Cement 4.910
CO2-arme Technologien 9.270 low carbon technologies 921.000
kohlenstoffarmer Zement 69 low-carbon cements 6.200
Beton CO2 Fußabdruck 8 concrete carbon footprint 9.620
Emissionsfreie Zementherstellung 1 Zero-carbon cement production 1.910
CO2 negative Zemente 80.200 carbon-negative cement 4.800
Alternative Bindemittel 3.230 alternative binders 108.000
Nachhaltiger Zement 273 sustainable cement 57.400
Nachhaltiger Beton 1.390 sustainable Concrete 666.000
Grünes Zement Start-up 178.000 low-carbon cement startup 8
Öko-freundlicher Zement 55.400 Eco-friendly cement 23.900
Umweltfreundlicher Zement 654 environmentally friendly cement 15.600
Umweltfreundlicher Beton 672 environmentally friendly concrete 52.200
Innovationen bei grünem Zement 113.000 Green cement innovations 9

So there is a particular search for climate-neutral cements and concretes. In the German-speaking area, especially with the attribute “green”, for example “green cement technology” or “green cement start up”. In English, terms like “climate neutral” or “low carbon” have a high number of hits.